Monday, September 28, 2015

Cats: 13 Secrets...

13 Secrets Your Cat
Doesn't Want You To Know!

Understanding Your Cats Body Language,
Needs, and Inner Secrets.

via ModernCat Magazine

Clean Pets Water Dish!

No matter what time of year,
you must always keep food and water dishes clean.
Otherwise, there are some nasty critters
that can make your pets sick!
Would you drink out of something
that looks so disgusting?
We didn't think so.
Be good to your pets, please.

Is Your Dog Manipulating You?

Can a dog do that?

Yes they can!

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via ModernDog Magazine

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Autumn Safety Tips

It's Labor Day weekend ...summer is fading and autumn is approaching. Take a moment to savor the scents of this time of year as you & your pet begin another season together. The time you spend either outside or inside will be better if you follow some tips to keep your pet safe and healthy as we transition from summer to autumn.  
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