Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Digatherm + LiteCure

Our Latest Medical Equipment
...only one in our area!

We absolutely love our our new Digital Thermal Imaging equipment. It can be a crucial and valuable “on the spot” visual tool in helping diagnose inflammation or lack of circulation and its exact location in the animals body.

This is an wonderful extension of what Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation is all about, helping pets with the best equipment, so that they can have a healthier life.
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We also have a therapeutic laser Companion CTS 15 watt, Class IV, made by LiteCure. This new equipment will help with senior pets, as well as some of our younger pet clients.

Delivery of the optimal therapeutic doses to damaged tissue is the key to effective results. Coat length, coat color, body type and skin pigmentation significantly affect the penetration of all therapy lasers. The Smart Coat Plus technology in our Companion Therapy Laser provides patient-specific protocols based on individual patient characterists. We personalize our patients treatments with Smart Coat Plus to achieve more consistent results.

As we always say:
Pet Care Requires A Good Foundation!

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